Sodium carbonate
         Nickelous sulfate
         Sodium stannate
         calcium chloride
         Poly(vinyl alcohol)
         Ethylene glycol
         Ethyl Alcohol
         Methyl alcohol

        Huaibei Gucheng Trade LLC is located at foot of Xiangshan Mountain of Huaibei City in Anhui Province. There is beautiful environment and convenient transportation condition with Lian-Huo highway at north, He-Xu highway and Jing-Hu line at east. And it is only 50 kilometers to Xuzhou City.

         Huaibei Gucheng Trade LLC is a large private enterprise specialized in the business of various chemical products such as organics, inorganic, reagent and water treatment chemicals. In addition, we also agent American reverse osmosis drugs and sell antisludging agent, various corrosion inhibitor and bactericide.

        Since the establishment in 2000, our products are welcome in over 20 provinces and cities. Our annual sale is about RMB 50 million Yuan and the asset has reached RMB 10 million Yuan. Currently, our company has become the famous enterprise in chemical industry.

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